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East Coast Crossfire

Its that time of year again the weather is getting colder and more and more people are heading south to the warm beaches. This means an increase in air travel which in turn means more pilots needed to fly the aircraft. Your job will be piloting the aircraft of your choosing across the east coast to selected airports. This tour will be open the entire month of November and will end 11/30/28 at 2359EST. You cannot skip any legs and you must do them in order. Happy flying captains.

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FAVA Hub Tour

Fly to every hub that the real world American Airlines flies to on a daily basis.

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2018 FAVA Christmas Round World Journey

Merry Christmas from everyone here at FAVA. To celebrate we are going to be doing a massive tour! What does this tour include? You get to fly around the world visiting the major airports around the world with three flights allowing you to choose your own aircraft! So put on your red suit and floppy hat and start HO HO HO'ing around the world bringing joy to all aviation lovers! From everyone here at FAVA Staff Team have a fantastic time with your family (That also includes your favourite plane).

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USA Hops

It's becoming to be that session and that means more and more people flying for the holidays. For this December tour, we will be flying to some busy USA Airports. Happy holidays. Edit: Due to complications to the SSL this month he tour will be extended to the 12 of January.

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Surprise! Surprise! Thought we had nothing plan? Think again! Starting on 9/28/2018 @ 0000 hrs EST and Ending on 9/30/2018 @ 2359 hrs EST, it's the 48HR TRANSATLANTIC TURNAROUND. Ready for it? Better be! Any pilot who completes the tour will get that oh so coveted badge. In addition, each pilot who completes the tour will be entered into a raffle to win a $20.00 Steam Gift Card! The drawing will be held on 10/1/2018 @ 1200 hrs EST. How about a BONUS? For the two TRANSATLANTIC legs ONLY!, pilots will be authorized up to 2X time acceleration. (if flying online, ATC must approve any time acceleration.) The Challange? Each flight must have a landing rate of -500 or better. No mid-air refueling and No deviations. That's It! Oh yeah, GO!

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