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Frequently Asked Questions

No, all pilots can fly any aircraft they want. Any aircraft, anytime, anywhere...
Maximum landing rate can be no more than -600 feet per minute. Anything above that the pirep will be rejected.
No, any in flight refueling will result in a rejected pirep.
No, time acceleration will result in a rejected pirep.
Yes, we understand that some VA'S offer features that other's do not. However, if you are a staff member of another virtual airline you will not be allowed to be a staff member with Fly American Virtual Airlines.
No, anyone caught doing dual logging will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination from Fly American Virtual.
Pilots are only required to fly 1 flight per calendar month. We understand that people have personal lives and can't always get behind the yoke. However, if you do not fly at least one flight per calendar month, your account will be placed in RETIRED status and you will need to submit a support ticket in order to be reinstated.
Yes, if you need a leave of absence because of real world commitments please set yourself as on LOA by editing your profile. When you are ready to come back, simply click "Return to Service".
Yes, we allow a maximum of 125 verifiable hours to be transferred. Please include a link to the website of your other VA in your application so we can verify your hours. Transfer hours from VATSIM are not allowed.